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Searching for to rated custom web design company in India, USA? Flit Webs is leading custom web design agency provides best custom web design services for startups, agency or corporates.

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Custom Web Design Company in India, USA

We believe a successful webpage is one that captures the attention of your target customers, elicits action from your web browsers to facilitate lead generation and continues to engage existing customers all through their association with your brand. This is possible through a compelling web design that ensures garnering and retaining browser mindshare. Flit Webs helps with all this and more with our bespoke customized web design services that coalesce stellar web design, industry best practices with cutting-edge trends to create websites that transcend your expectations. We provide the best custom web design services in Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Hyderabad, Madurai, Kolkata, Pune, Chandigarh, Surat, Coimbatore in India.

Our talented team holds expertise in various web design tools such as Affinity, Zeplin, Canva, Sass, Figma and many more, enabling us to find the best fit based on your requirements. We curate personalized web design service models that ensure you are absolutely comfortable with the pace and nature of work. Our approach involves:

  • Charting out a comprehensive analysis of your business model, digital requirements & goals, target audience, proposed content strategy and other such pivotal elements that shape your design strategy

  • Choosing the right design tools, CMS, user interface frameworks, navigation systems, visual & motion graphics among much more

  • Undertaking rapid prototyping and adopt an iterative approach wherein your participation and feedback as a client is continually factored into our design process

  • Investing in a comprehensive QA and testing exercise that irons out any functionality, design and navigation issues to present a website that’s ready for roll-out

  • Preparing your webpage for a spectacular launch and roll-out that is successful in capturing retaining the attention of your target audience

We at Flit Webs attribute our achievements in custom web design to our multi-talented, energetic and enthusiastic team of designers, business analysts and domain experts that give you digital collateral that is exactly what you envision. We take pride in housing the best minds in the industry and would love to understand how we can add value to your digital trajectory. Hire best custom web design company in Indonesia, Latvia, Singapore, Vietnam, Latvia, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Dubai, Japan, China, South Africa, Miami, Florida, USA and many more countries.

Benefits of Custom Web Design Services

While web design and development templates bring advantages of faster time to market and cost efficiencies, a website that is customised to suit your business needs and core competencies is sure to establish distinguished connect with your audiences. Flit Webs provides bespoke customised web design services that extend the following benefits to you:

  • Your webpage will be unique in the true sense of the word. You will have complete control over content placement, layout, navigation and interfaces

  • Custom web pages can be clearly differentiated from templated ones, and lend a high level of credibility and goodwill to your brand

  • You enjoy complete control and access over source code and website security nuances

  • The SEO framework of your webpage will be curated to perfectly match your layout, plug-ins, web landscape and content

  • Unprecedented scalability options to help your web presence grow in tandem with your enterprise’s growth

  • You stand out from competition and are a step ahead at all times in terms of reacting to trends and staying current

  • The skilled and talented team at Flit Webs add a touch of flamboyance and dexterity to each and every custom web page with careful attention to detail

Flit Webs helps you map your requirements with the best possible web solution and ensures your custom web design is churned out at a cost and time outlay that fits perfectly well within your bandwidth.

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Custom Web Design Services, We Offer:

At Flit Webs, we understand that the first point of contact between you and your browser is your web page. Hence, the onus is on us, your web design partner, to ensure this interaction culminates into an association and a subsequent loyalty engagement. Trust us at Flit Webs to create not just custom web designs for your web page but holistic, engaging and compelling experiences that your target audience just cannot get enough of. We believe we can add tremendous value just by creating the best fit in design for your web interface. Our offerings in custom web development include but aren’t limited to:

Custom Web Design

We enable your business to stand out in today’s age of the Internet of Things(IoT) by curating customised, bespoke web design solutions that help you carve a niche for yourself in your domain and attain competitive advantage.

Responsive Web Design

Our web solutions are truly responsive, giving visitors the same quality of experience, interaction and navigation across various devices, platforms and interfaces. Trust the Flit Webs experts to uplift your target audiences’ browsing experience.

Corporate Web Design

To roll out a unified web design for your corporate web page, we house ideas on graphics, navigation, plug-ins and layouts that reflect with your core values and approach. We’re excited to explore the value we can bring to your corporate identity!

WordPress Web Design

We leverage the WordPress framework along with industry best practices and our extensive experience in this framework to deliver websites that are cutting-edge, aesthetic and secure. Allow us to create a web page for you that’s an absolute winner!

Various Industries We Serve Custom Web Design Services

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Why Choose Us

Our excellent track record for past 4 years, speaks volumes about our dedication towards customer satisfaction. Our clients have consistently reviewed us ‘the best’ for our outstanding services. In addition to all this, there are a few more reasons for you to trust us with your job.

Dedicated Team

Our large team of talented, experienced and dedicated resources.


Our solution specific development process

High Quality Assurance

Our commitment to employ the best possible technology and approach to provide top quality product

100% Customer Satisfaction

Multiple Client Testimonies vouching for our up-to-the-mark services

Cost Effective

Economic Services that suit every budget

Quick Support

A wholesome technology service. You would never need to approach another company for any other business requirements.

Hire top rated Web Designers with Flit Webs

If you are looking to engage the best minds in the area of custom web design. Logo design and other creative niches, you can find comprehensive solutions by engaging with the team at Flit Webs. Having worked with clients across the domains such as real estate, health & lifestyle, IT, e-commerce, consultancy and automotive to name a few, we possess deep domain expertise to help give your design collaterals industry appeal.


We tie in best practices of the design ecosystem into your solution, making sure you receive the very best of our design capabilities. At Flit Webs, we house experts in the following areas to help you achieve competitive advantage:

Hire Logo Designer:

We create logos that stand for everything that you as a brand wish to convey to your target audiences. Share your requirements with Flit Webs and watch us deliver as we wear our creative caps.

Hire graphic designers:

Graphics should aid the overall interaction process with your browsers while at the same time not appear to be forced or clustered on your webpage. Allow the experts at Flit Webs to weave classy graphic designs into your web story.

Hire custom web designers:

We help you create custom web designs that set your web page apart from that of your competitors and offer to your browsers exactly the experience that they solicit.

hire a responsive web designer:

Responsive web design is the key to unlocking a wide audience base in today age where browsers access your digital collaterals using various devices on the go. Allow Flit Webs experts to help you out on this.

Hire UI/UX designer:

For cutting-edge and engaging UI/UX functionalities on your web page, connect with the experts at Flit Webs and translate all that you envision into a workable solution.

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Flit Webs is your one stop center for Web and Mobile Application Solutions. You can reach us for website development, mobile app development, block chain development and digital marketing.

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Why Choose Flit Webs for Custom Web Design Services

Flit Webs prides itself in being the market leader in custom web design services. Having amassed significant experience in this space across industries such as retail, BFSI, IT, travel & tourism among many others, we understand the domain-specific nuances that go into creating a stellar web design. We tie these nuances in with the best practices and emerging trends in web design to dish out a web page that’s an absolute winner!

Wondering what sets us apart? Read on:

  • Our websites are curated around ensuring superior UI and UX capabilities that transcend user experience and get them hooked to your web page in just one visit

  • From widgets, plug-ins and comprehensive functionalities, trust us to curate eye-catching graphics for your website that capture the attention of your browsers.

  • A landing page that’s going to be the envy of your competition and the crowning glory of your web page!

  • Our end product is rolled out post-intensive QA and testing efforts that ensure each and every functionality works seamlessly

  • Creativity is our obsession, and it shows across all our web designs!

  • Our workforce is in tandem with the very latest in the world of web design including multifaceted GIFs, CSS, WebGL and video animations that are browser responsive

  • We offer complete maintenance and post-roll-out support and upgrades

  • Our time management skills and cost efficiency have resulted in customer delight across all our service engagements

  • We are committed to superior quality and excellence in delivery, always!

Points are:

Dedicated resource:

Resources assigned for your project will have one and only one focus, your job. This will ensure the undivided attention that your product deserves. 

Cost-effective solution:

Our services are completely budget-friendly. We believe that rather than charging our clients handsomely for once, we’d serve them economically so that they come again.

1 Day for a kick start your project:

We make it a point that the project is kick-started as early as possible

On time delivery:

 Timelines are well defined and the checkpoints are strict. We are known for providing the deliverables early.


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